Maintaining an Online Image and Connection

FairWinds Partners —  May 31, 2013

Tech will continue its march to the more personal, shareable, and portable, according to the presentations coming out of the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D conference being held in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, May 28-30. The All Thing D website lists the “10 Things You Missed During the First Two Days of D11″ here. For a quick and dirty rundown, continue reading.

Portable and Personalized

Apple’s CEO Timothy Cook called the potential of wearable computing “profound,” and Disney Parks chairman Tom Staggs presented the MagicBand wristbands “that will soon replaced paper tickets”and may lead to more personalized service and greetings at the Happiest Place on Earth.


Silicon Valley venture capitalist Mary Meeker reported that digital information is created and shared at nine times the rate it was five years ago; 500 million photos are uploaded and shared per day, with the trend poised to increase by two-fold in the next year.

The constant sharing of images and thoughts has brought communications to a new level. Everything we do online is part of a very public dialogue that translates into personal, branding – branding we engage in every day, several times a day. Our choices of Twitter and blog usernames and Internet domain names are the most visible manifestation of that branding.  We choose words and names that we think best declare who we are -often building off of our eponymous names, but also off of mottos, taglines, and other tropes we find descriptive.

We talk a lot about brands on this blog, but perhaps Internet users will adapt to the new gTLDs to extend their online personas. Will they aggregate .BRAND pages that represent  their style profile? Proclaim their hobbies with a .SKI or environmental passions with .GREEN?  FairWinds works with brands to brainstorm how best to incorporate new gTLDs into their existing digital presence and find opportunities for innovation and change.