The Innovators

FairWinds Partners —  June 20, 2013

Forbes magazine put together a list of the 20 top brands for innovation and research – a photo gallery of brands that deliver the products that excite and create loyal customers.

Taking a look at the list, it’s clear that most of these brands are also innovators in marketing and branding. Thirteen of the 20 brands, or 65 percent, applied for at least one new generic top level domain (gTLD). These, along with over 1,000 other applied-for .EXTENSIONS, will begin joining the ranks of .COM, .ORG and .EDU this fall. Microsoft and Google top the pack with 11 and 97 applications for .EXTENSIONs, respectively, still being evaluated.

Many of these product and research innovators are in the technology and Internet fields, so it’s not surprising that they would take the plunge on a new digital platform. But the list also includes brands that produce personal care products, food, cars, and other, tangible parts of our daily lives. The variety of industries that will have this new digital platform and the fact that these brands fill our homes and are in our driveways is proof positive that, before too long, we’ll be used to seeing .BRANDs and .INDUSTRYTERMS in our address bars.

It’s true that 35 percent of Forbes‘ 20 most innovative brands did not apply for a new gTLD of their own, but you might soon be looking for their content on .CAR, .GREEN, or .FOOD.