“All Eyes on Me”

FairWinds Partners —  June 21, 2013

Sometimes you just want to quote Tupac in a tweet to your friends and followers. But if you’re outside the U.S. and in a non-English-speaking country, it’ll probably be too much of a pain to translate the rapper’s poetic lyrics and send your message into cyberspace via social media.  A tragic outcome for everyone in need of some East Coast inspiration.

Fortunately, if you’re in China, it’s about to get a lot easier to pull out your iPhone and send a Tupac quotation in Chinese characters via the country’s own version of Twitter.

As TechCrunch has reported, “a host of new features will be included in iOS 7 that should make the mobile operating system even more useful for the Chinese market, including a Chinese/English bilingual dictionary and handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters. But possibly the most significant bit of news in terms of iOS 7 and China is that Tencent Weibo, the microblogging site that essentially functions as a Twitter focused on the Chinese market, will be “supported” in iOS 7.”

Given that the next billion users of the Internet are expected not to have English or any other roman character set as their primary language, it’s a good thing that Apple is adopting these features for the seventh version of its mobile operating system. It’s also a good thing that ICANN’s new Top Level Domain program is also expanding into China. The introduction of as many as 73 Top Level Domains in Chinese characters – starting as early as August of this year – will allow for the registration of almost endless numbers of new Internationalized Domain names in Chinese.  New gTLDs and the latest Apple products are the type of innovations that may just “spark the brain that will change the world.”