.BRAND New Language

Stephanie Duchesneau —  December 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

ICANN is out with proposed language for the New gTLD Registry Agreement (RA) that specifically addresses the concerns of brand applicants.

The draft language, put forward as Specification 13, covers a number of concerns regarding the baseline RA related to the unique needs and interests of brands as future Registry Operators.

The draft language proposes the following contractual modifications for .BRAND gTLDs:

  • An exemption from the Registry Operator Code of Conduct;
  • Permission to use a preferred and trusted registrar or registrars; and
  • The ability to oppose the transition of the registry for a two-year period following the termination of the RA and access to dispute resolution proceedings in the event that ICANN deems that transition is necessary to protect the public interest.

The language would be available for use by registries that meet ICANN’s definition of a .BRAND gTLD.

The proposal represents a positive step in supporting the diversity of business models that ICANN ushered in through the New gTLD Program. The language results from considerable effort and attention on the part of ICANN and brand advocates across the ICANN Public Meetings in Durban and Buenos Aires.

The language is now subject to a 42-day Public Comment Period, after which the draft language may be subject to further revision and analysis by ICANN Staff or be put forward to the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) for approval.

Applicants who support the modifications are encouraged to voice their opinions through the Public Comment Forum.

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