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FairWinds Partners —  February 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

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Conferences. Conferences. To go or not to go?

Sure industry conferences can be fun, especially if they are held in cities like Las Vegas or New York, where the food and entertainment are unsurpassed.

But conferences can also be a waste of time, with the same old speakers regurgitating the same old ideas in front of the same old attendees – all for an exorbitant fee.

FairWinds Partners has a different idea. As host of the Beyond the Dot 2014 conference – to be held in Washington D.C. on February 19 – FairWinds is striking a new note in terms of speakers, topics, and, not least of all, fees!

For starters, Beyond the Dot 2014 will be the first conference ever to discuss the impact of new top-level domains – the text to the right of the dot in a web address, as in .COM – on Internet users, companies, brands, and individuals rather than on industry insiders.

Beyond the Dot 2014 will also be the first conference on new top-level domains to be held in Washington D.C. – which ranks up there with Vegas and New York in terms of food and entertainment and surpasses them in terms of civics and history.

Beyond the Dot 2014 will blaze a new path in terms of speakers. For example, the keynote speaker will be Jim Messina, who managed President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and innovated voter targeting through high tech computer programs.

Beyond the Dot 2014 also will have a number of panels discussing topics that few have paid attention to, such as how new top-level domains will erase geographic and linguistic boundaries on the Internet and how corporate managers will introduce their new online properties. Most unusually, the last panel of the day is entitled “What Lies Beyond the Dot for Internet Users?” Who? Oh yeah, the people who will determine if a new top-level domain succeeds or fails.

Last but not least, Beyond the Dot 2014 is good value. The Momentum Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Conference in March will set you back $1,500. The Digital Marketing SuperSummit in April costs $1,800 – and then you will have to pay more for workshops. NamesCon in January was somewhat more reasonable at $780 per ticket. But Beyond the Dot beats them all with a ticket price of  $495.

Clearly Beyond the Dot 2014 is a different breed of conference. Register today for an experience that will add concrete, substantive meaning to your business strategies.

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