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In this post, we’ll finish discussing some of the benefits of applying for and owning a branded gTLD. Tomorrow and Friday’s posts will cover risks.


Opportunities to build brand loyalty.
Because brand owners will be able to have full control over which second-level domains are part of their gTLD, they will also be able to choose how all those domains are used. That means if they want to distribute those domain names to customers to use as personalized homepages (like the J.Crew example we mentioned earlier on this blog), for email addresses, or for any other purposes, they can. Depending on how they chose to utilize them, giving out personalized .BRAND domain names could provide brand owners with new and interesting ways to build up brand loyalty among customers. And fortunately, the application process affords applicants some flexibility to adapt their plans to use their gTLDs in the future as new and innovative usage models emerge. Continue Reading…


FairWinds Partners —  August 16, 2011

One of the benefits of new gTLDs for brand owners that some marketers have been discussing is the ability to provide personalized domain names to customers in order to build up brand loyalty. We were talking about new gTLDs and different ways to use them with a client recently, and she mentioned that a friend of hers (let’s call her Jane) is such an avid J.Crew customer that she has her own 1-800 telephone number. When Jane calls it, a customer service representatives answers, “Hello Jane, what can we do for you?” This kind of service is easily transferable to new gTLDs; instead of their own 1-800 numbers, J.Crew could give out personalized domain names, and instead of calling J.Crew, Jane could visit JaneDoe.JCrew. Continue Reading…