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Just to Clarify

FairWinds Partners —  September 21, 2012

If you’re a new gTLD applicant, there is a chance that at some point over the past few weeks, you received a notice from ICANN informing you that your application had been selected to be part of a Clarifying Questions Pilot program. In an August 9 webinar, ICANN pointed out that although the questions that select applicants receive as part of the Pilot are actual questions based on the evaluators’ review of the application in question, the answers that applicants send in will not be counted toward the ultimate evaluation of their applications. Rather, this Pilot program is designed to help ICANN ensure that it gets the Clarifying Question (CQ) process right by asking the right questions to elicit the proper responses from applicants. Continue Reading…

ICANN Clarifies COI

FairWinds Partners —  December 28, 2011

What are the odds that the same week we decide to run a series about the financial aspects of applying for and running a new gTLD, ICANN publishes a set of guidelines for the Continued Operations Instrument (COI)? Maybe it’s because the COI is a question that has been on the minds of almost every applicant we’ve talked to. Or maybe we should chalk it up to a holiday miracle.

Either way, in an announcement published Friday, ICANN listed its estimations of what it will cost to cover critical registry functions for three years for various numbers of domain names. Here are those cost guidelines: Continue Reading…

This week here on the gTLD Strategy blog, we’re going to be talking finance. Specifically, we’ll be breaking down the costs of applying for and operating a new gTLD, the application questions that deal with finances, and a little thing called the Continuing Operations Instrument (COI). Today, we’re going to discuss the COI and the options applicants have available to them.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Applicant Guidebook requires all applicants to submit the same information, regardless of whether they are multinational corporations with billions of dollars in revenue, or globetrotting groups of entrepreneurs scrambling to find investors willing to back their .IDEA. Continue Reading…