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Brave New World

FairWinds Partners —  February 2, 2012

The majority of the advice and guidance we offer brand owners here on gTLD Strategy has to do with the short term: figuring out whether or not to apply for a new gTLD, which to apply for, how to best answer the application questions, etc. But the truth is, a fully-developed new gTLD strategy doesn’t end once the application is approved and the registry is launched. That’s when the real fun begins.

In today’s cover article for iMedia Connection, FairWinds Managing Partner Josh Bourne discusses what life will look like for brands post-new gTLD delegation. Josh walks readers through a series of changes that new gTLDs are likely to bring to the Internet, and how brand owners should adapt their digital strategies to them, regardless of whether they apply for their own new gTLDs or not. Continue Reading…

Today, FairWinds Managing Partner Josh Bourne published a cover article for iMedia Connection. The article, titled “Your Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring a gTLD” walks applicants through all the phases of applying for and acquiring a new gTLD – from the initial fact gathering and planning; to preparing the best application possible; to launching a new gTLD registry and making the most of the ongoing relationship with ICANN. Josh also breaks down what applicants need to be thinking about and what questions they need to be asking throughout the new gTLD launch process. This article is a must-read for anyone considering pursuing a new gTLD.