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Dollars and Sense

FairWinds Partners —  September 12, 2012

At this point, we all understand that for new gTLD applicants, new domain extensions do not come cheap, especially considering the $185,000 price tag just to submit an application. But what many have not yet come to terms with is the fact that even if companies did not apply for their own new gTLDs, there will be significant costs associated with the rollout of potentially up to 1,409 unique new extensions over the next few years. Continue Reading…

In a recent post, we talked about silver bullets – specifically, the belief that new gTLDs would be a magic cure to all search engine optimization quandaries. But after talking with multiple brand owners across a variety of industries, we’ve realized that there is another widely held misconception about a cure-all solution circulating around the business world. This time, it’s about the new gTLD Trademark Clearinghouse, or TMCH for short.

Many brand owners believe that if they register their trademarks in the TMCH, then ICANN will block the registration of all domain names containing those trademarks across all new gTLDs.

Oh, if life were that simple. Continue Reading…

Today, Managing IP published an article that posed the question, “How can I make the most of the potential new gTLDs?” The body of the article featured opinions from three different individuals: a .BRAND applicant, an Intellectual Property lawyer, and a consultant. That consultant was FairWinds’ very own Vice President of Consulting Services, Liz Sweezey.

In her piece, Liz writes that businesses can make the most of new gTLDs by being proactive, realistic and tactical: proactive in building a strategy for their own new gTLDs, determining which new gTLDs to register defensive second-level domains in, and becoming aware of and involved in ICANN strategy; realistic in allocating a sufficient budget to protect their brands and trademarks; and tactical in establishing a set of policies and best practices for registering new domains.

Managing IP is only available with a subscription, but you can read a screen shot of the article here.